Society of Composers, Inc. (Chamber Works)

Pavel Eret, Alexandre Rudajev, Society of Composers

This CD presents chamber compositions of six contemporary composers working in the U.S.A. It is a compilation CD made up of thematically consistent recordings from independent projects. In this project, I am involved as a performer of the Sonata for Piano and Violin by Alexandre Rudajev (tracks 9.-12.).

This CD is not available for sale.

Track list

Brian Belet: Four Proportional Preludes (BMI)
       1. Reflection (6:07)
       2. Metallica (1:32)
       3. Modulated Cosine (1:50)
       4. Resonance (3:51)
           Janis Mercer, piano
           Recording Engineer: Dan Wyman

Andrew Rindfleisch:
       5. Tears (8:44 ASCAP)
           Jean DeMart, flute
           Recording Engineer: Anthony DiBartolo

Kari Henrik Juusela:

       6. Ilta Pala(a) (2:39 ASCAP)
           Stephen Robinson, guitar
           Recording Engineer: Stephen Robinson

Carlos Delgado:
       7. Fugaz (3:08 ASCAP)
           René Mogensen, tenor saxophone
           Recording Engineer: Paul Geluso

David Epstein:
       8. Piano Variations (12:07 ASCAP)
           Abbott Ruskin, piano
           Recorded at Soundmirror, Inc., Boston, MA

Alexandre Rudajev: Sonate pour piano et violon
       9. I. Lent et triste (5:43)
     10. II. Vif et puissant (4:29)
     11. III. Lent et calme (5:56)
     12. IV. Animé et joyeux (5:04)
           Pavel Eret, violin
           Daniel Wiesner, piano
           Recorded at Studio Martínek, Prague
           Recording Egineer: Václav Zamazal

Further information

Producer- Richard Brooks
Executive engineer- Paul Geluso
Published by the Capstone Records (USA) in 1998

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