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Brilliant Grieg performed by Pavel Eret and Suzanna Hlinka

(2009/4) Music critic Rafael Brom reviews in Hudební rozhledy (The Music Reviews) a complete performance of sonatas for violin and piano by Edward Grieg in the Suk Hall in Prague Rudolfinum in February 2009. Here is a translation of some passages of the review:...

The Czech Philharmonic Quartet Twice in the Suk Hall

(2007/3) The Rudolfinum Revue introduces its readers the Czech Philharmonic Quartet, consisting of Pavel Eret - 1st violin, Zuzana Hájková - 2nd violin, Jiří Poslední - viola and Jakub Dvořák - cello, which is currently going to perform twice in the Suk Hall of the Prague Rudolfinum.

The Musical Reviews review the CD Two Violins Solo (Pavel Eret, Věra Eretová)

(2006/3) Musical critic Miloš Pokora wrote a detailed review of the CD Two Violins Solo from the works by E. Ysaÿe, A. Honegger and S. Prokofiev in the magazine Hudební rozhledy (The Musical Reviews). He writes besides others: "This recording is valuable not only from the aspect of interpretation, but also from the repertoire aspect....Sumarized - an excellent recording,..."


Violinist Pavel Eret on the tittle page of the Bulletin A.D.A.C.E.L. 2006

(2006/3) The French Bulletin A.D.A.C.E.L. (Association Des Amies du Compositeur Eleuthère Lovreglio) gives me the tittle page of its cover and also a few articles, which concern my premiere performance of the Preludio e Andante for Violin and Wind Orchestra by Czech-Italian composer Eleuthère Lovreglio at the festival Prague Spring 2005 and at the Prague Bertramka, as well as the premiere performance of the concerto grosso La Vivaldiana together with The Four Seasons of the Year by A. Vivaldi in Nice (France).

The Hallo Newspaper informs about CD

(2005/9) The Hallo Newspaper (Haló noviny) included into its cultural column the CD Two Violin Solo - Pavel Eret, Věra Eretová, as the Tip of the Editorial Board.

The magazine Harmonie rates the CD recording Two Violins Solo

(2005/9) The CD recording Two Violins Solo (Pavel Eret and Věra Eretová) of works by Ysaÿe, Honegger and Prokofiev is the subject of the review written by the editor-in-chief Luboš Stehlík in the magazine Harmonie.

Students got fascinated by an excellent performance of Czech violinists

(2005/7) Under this tittle, the Japanese newspaper Gifu Shinbun writes about our performance with my sister Věra for Japanese young audience. The newspaper informs about a performance, in which the music of Mozart, Paganini etc., as well as Japanese songs were presented in an attractive way. It descibes a spontaneity and concentration of the audience and an excellent communication between the performers and the audience.

Chunichi Shinbun writes about the international cultural exchange

(2005/6) The Japanese newspaper Chunichi Shinbun informs about a performance, which includes both an introduction into the world of European classic music and a bridging to music of Japan. The newspaper was also attracted by a joint performance of a student with us during a performance of their school song.

An interview in the magazine Musical Reviews

(2005/5) An interview "With Pavel Eret about Japan, the Prague Spring and a new CD" in the Musical Reviews (Hudební rozhledy), which editor Rafael Brom made with me, deals with my working in Japan, prepared performance at the Prague Spring 2005 and planned CD release event.

The magazine New Countryside made an interview with Pavel Eret

(2005/4) Editor-in-chief of the New Countryside PhDr. Oldřich Koudelka made an interview with me about my professional career, my experiences and my relationship to the countryside and nature.

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